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About Kidney Stones

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Kidney Stones Information

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Kidney Stone Pics

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How To Pass A Kidney Stone At Home
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linda wirba says:

how long does it take a kidney stone to pass through urine

glenn pordonez says:

what cause kidney stones

dhel says:

i saw a demonstration in the internet to cure kidney stone..the man took 25 pcs. lemon then juice and drink it . his kidney stone gone. another way is to boil a bunch of parsley in 1 cup of water let cool. take 1 cup 3x a day.

lois says:

I have a small kidney stone . my lower back hurt when I walk are stand. will the kidney stone make your back hurt?

debbie tubbs says:

i wonder y with new tech. They havent came up with better treatment? I am having my first one. Caused by my calium suppliment. Please HELP,!

debbie tubbs says:

why would my kidny stones not show up on a ultra sound? Are ther clear stones?


I have had 27 kidney stone removals, one was open surgery, they do not do that type of surgery anymore, Part of a rib is removed and a externat drain called a jackson prep is inserted until the kidney has come out of shock so to speak. There is no way to realine the body after this type of surgery, so you are not put together again the way you were, sideways kind of, hurts the back, feet, the way you void and other lovely things.I have had stone removeable surgery since 1984, almost every year and now another one has comeup after just three months of being blasted for a 11 mm stone.I do not want to do anymore surgerys, i quit, it has ruined my whole life and when you live in poverty and alone with no family or anyone to love and help, i can thind of only ending my life somehow. Other complications have come up because of all these stones my body produces.There is no hope, i just feel worthless and finished in life. There are thousands of people worse off than i but right now it is me and that is all i know for sure.I took photos of the last stones I passed but do not know where to post the photos on this site. You can not just give up and die, life just does not work that way. I cry everyday, it just happens. Doctors are rude, maybe because they do not know what to do for you, every one is different, i guess thats why the cal it PRACTICEING MEDICINE. if feeling sorry for self helps do it, who cares what people think if you do. I just want out, a secound term on earth, a near death experience with the first surgery, three stones in each kidney and all were the size of quarters, nightmare that has never ended. I can see only death as a way out but to much of a coward to do the take my own life, but sure want to, like i said i wake up crying everyday, and when I am awake. what to do, what to do. STONEMKR

eric says:

what is the best medicine to kidney

Linda@ Kidney stone diet says:

Thanks for demonstrating your title regarding kidney stones. Means kidney stones are various and different sized shown above.

KJ says:

I just passed a kidney stone today ad it was 2-3mm. This was my second one the first being 5 years ago. My first was 7mm and had to be blasted and I was hospitalized twice for the procedure. All I know is I would rather have a broken leg than a kidney stone, This second one came on all of a sudden a couple days ago. I fought the hard fight for 24 hours hoping to pass it. I was up for 22 hours throwing up and in the worst pain until I gave in and went to the emergency room. They immediately got me in the back and gave me so pain meds and I was almost screaming in pain. It took three doses of Dilaudid to stop the pain. After a CT they figured it was in fact a kidney stone which I knew but it was procedure to make sure and to see what size it was. This morning when I passed it in a strainer I could not believe it was the kidney stone. I was picturing a tiny microscopic stone; this thing looked like an apple seed. I had to get my jeweler’s loop to make sure it was the stone and sure enough it was. I was told coffee and tea in large consumptions help develop stone and what’s funny is I had a 32oz coffee right before the symptoms but prior I have a vanilla ice coffee every morning on my way to work. So not sure of that’s fact or fiction but for now OJ will be my choice of morning drinks. If you experience the feeling of a kidney stone once you will know what it is if you have another. They gave me some medication that relaxes the urethra and allows the stone to pass and it worked so maybe that’s the ticket if you feel one coming on.

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